Hello all!

I’m afraid I have the not-so-exciting news of letting you know that we do not have a prepared dev blog today. Last week, everyone in the team was hands on deck bug fixing and testing that we never got chance to prepare a proper dev blog as usual. You have our sincerest apologies!

As regards to when the patch will go live, our goal right now is to get this to you tomorrow (Tuesday 24th October). The only reason this would change is if unexpected bugs were to occur from us fixing other bugs (such is the way of game development /sweatdrop). In that case we may have to delay another day or two, but we will keep in touch with how things are going.

Once the patch is live, we will be dedicated to fixing and improving any big issues as soon as possible, ready for our free to play launch (woo!).

I cannot thank you enough for your dedication thus far, I can only ask you continue to give us feedback and assist us in growing Battlerite through this new era and into the best game we can make it! So, please, continue to give us your input as we very much appreciate it. You have been a patient, forgiving and passionate community and for that, I wholeheartedly thank you!

Until next time,

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