The Pre-Launch Patch, Patch 0.14, will go live next week (week 43), with the exact date to be announced early next week. Some bullet points may still change and a few values could also change before the patch goes live.

Features and Content

New Game Mode – Battlegrounds

Make your mark in the Battlegrounds! Take part in the new objective-based game mode that’s easy to jump in to, filled with quick bursts of fun, and retains that same level of competition that Battlerite is known for. Work with two other teammates to capture points or complete objectives during the “event” phase. When either team completes enough events, the “Assault/Defend” phase begins, where one team attacks the enemy Guardian and the other defends against the onslaught. The outcomes of the event phase determines who will be attacking and who will be defending. Victory is given to the team that destroys the enemy’s Guardian.

Battlegrounds has currently replaced the Casual queue, although this is subject to change. The Arena will always be played as a Ranked mode when using the matchmaking system, while Battlegrounds will be Unranked. You will still be able to practice Arena in vs. AI or setup your own games via Private Match.

Battlegrounds introduces some new mechanics to the game, alongside mechanics previously refined in brawls, such as:

  • Respawn
  • Objectives such as Capture Points, NPCs, and Balloons
  • Power Shards
  • A Minimap
  • In-Game Leveling System
  • Brush
  • Guardians

Read more about the Battlegrounds in our latest Dev Blog.

New Battlerite System

The new Battlerite System is now in place! At the start of the match select a Loadout of 5 Battlerites that all become active immediately. You can choose up to two Battlerites per ability with the exception of R abilities and Ultimates, which are limited to one Battlerite. Some Champions now have “Perk” Battlerites that affect movement speed, energy, or mechanics outside of the regular abilities like “Ignite”. Only two of these can be chosen.

Because of this overhaul, we’ve decided to include all Battlerites for all Champions in the Patch Notes, with additional comments where necessary and specifying which Battlerites are tied to which abilities.

UI 2.0

UI 2.0 has arrived and brings a fresh new look to the Battlerite menus, which have been completely redesigned to support any future features, are cross-platform ready, and also bring an improved user experience with brand new art, sounds, and visual effects. We will continue to improve the ease of use and functionality in future patches.

  • General:
    • Ability to equip mount to specific Champions
    • Improved friend list and current teams list, organized by: Online, A-Z, and Recently Added/Season
    • Added a Collection, where all items can be previewed
    • Improved Matchmaking indicator, you can now see how long you have been in the queue
    • New notifications, sound in menus, landing page, and new ways to navigate
    • Many screens (but not all) now support keyboard input:
      • SPACE to select
      • I and O to change menu tab
      • ESCAPE for back
      • ENTER to focus chat
      • ARROW KEYS to change active selection
    • Chests:
      • Can now see how many chests are owned when you have more than 99
      • New opening VFX and SFX
      • Added secondary opening stage where users can hover over items to find out rarity
      • More chest slots available
  • Options:
    • Ability to have custom key binds for specific Champions, with visual representation for secondary key binds
  • New Chat:
    • Now supports commands for player convenience
    • Users can now see if they have unread messages
    • Chat can now be seen when unfocused
    • Supports new notifications: when friends come online, when lobbies are made, when matches are found, and more!
  • New Art
    • New ability art for Bakko, Croak, Ashka, and Iva
    • New League icons, Champion icons, Archetype icons, and UI icons
    • New loading screens, game mode art, quest art, and achievement art
    • New Champion loading VFX
    • New 3D menu background scene with transitions
    • New Battlerites card art and ability frame art (in menu only)
AFK System

The new AFK system will detect inactive players in matches. Escalating penalties will be applied to inactive players and affected teammates will not receive any rating loss.

  • Two new Daily Quests
    • Play 2 Battlegrounds games
    • Play 4 Arena games
  • New Event Quests
    • Win 8 Battleground games – rewards Guardian Spear Chest, which drops epic Guardian Spear for Shifu. Quest active up until launch.
  • Weekly Quests
    • Earn 2,000 Battle Coins changed to Earn 1,000 Battle Coins
  • Fixed a bug where the Weekly Login Quest reset at different intervals than the other weekly quests

Champion Updates

We have worked hard to smooth out any rough edges in terms of balance for this patch, but with the wide and sweeping changes we’re doing there will inevitably remain imbalances. We will keep a close eye on how everything plays out and address any outliers accordingly.

  • Slayer removed for all Champions
  • Fixed a bug that caused charge-up abilities (such as Ezmo’s Chaos Grip and Jumong’s Dragon Slayer) to fire their projectiles prematurely while the charge-up process was still active.
  • Fire Storm (M2)
    • Projectile Speed reduced from 22 to 21
    • Knockback range increased from 0.7 to 1
    • Knockback duration reduced from 0.12s to 0.11s
  • Infernal Scorch (F)
    • No longer hits targets behind Ashka upon the start of travel
    • Voice over has been moved from the start of his travel to the start of his cast, making his ultimate slightly less sneaky.
    • Radius reduced from 1.5 to 1.1
    • Travel Duration reduced from 0.9s to 0.8s
 Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Combustion  Offense Fire Storm bolts deal 2 bonus damage, 8 area damage, and inflicts Ignite on nearby enemies M2  Fire Storm Radius increased, added AoE damage
 Wild Fire  Offense Fire Storm launches 1 additional projectile M2  Fire Storm  New
 Heat  Mobility Fire Storm can be cast while moving at 40% move speed M2  Fire Storm  Movement speed reduced from 45% to 40%
 Burning Feet  Mobility Searing Flight increases movement speed by 40% for 2s Space  Searing Flight  New
 Blaze  Offense  Your next Fireball after Searing Flight deals 2 bonus damage and inflicts Ignite Space  Searing Flight  New
 Fire Ward  Survival  Searing Flight grants a shield absorbing 12 damage, lasts up to 3s Space  Searing Flight  
 Eruption  Mixed   Flamestrike radius is increased by 15% and cooldown is reduced by 1s Q  Flamestrike  New
 Inferno   Offense   Flamestrike deals 8 bonus damage and inflicts Ignite Q  Flamestrike  
 Ember Fire   Survival  Flamestrike heals you for 75% of the impact damage Q  Flamestrike  
 Lava Punch   Control  Molten Fist cooldown is reduced by 1.5s and landing it reduces cooldown by an additional 1.5s E  Molten Fist  Cooldown reduction reduced by 0.5s
 Knockout   Control  Knocking an enemy into a wall with Molten Fist inflicts a 1.2s Stun E  Molten Fist  New
 Fire Punch   Mixed  Molten Fist travel distance is increased by 50% and knockback force is increased 25% E  Molten Fist  New
 Conflagration   Offense  Fireballs traveling through Firewall turns into Fire Storm bolts R  Firewall  
 Raging Fire   Offense  When Infernal Scorch ends you turn into Raging Fire, causing your fireballs to turn into Fire Storm bolts for the next 3s F  Infernal Scorch  
 Magma   Offense  Ignite deals 4 bonus damage when first applied and reduces target’s movement speed by 10%  Perk  New
 Inspiration  Utility  Increase your maximum energy by 25% and energy gained from abilities is increased by 10%  Perk  
 Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Axe and Shield  Survival War Axe hits reduces the cooldown of Bulwark by 1s M1  War Axe
 Warlord’s Axe  Offense Blood Axe deals 1 bonus damage and an additional 1 bonus damage for each weapon charge M2  Blood Axe  New
 The Red Axe  Survival Blood Axe heals for 4 health plus 2 bonus health per weapon charge M2  Blood Axe  
 Howling Axes  Offense Blood Axe cooldown is reduced by 1s if hit lands M2  Blood Axe
 Hamstring  Control Blood Axe inflcts a 1.2s fading snare. M2  Blood Axe  New 
Adrenaline Rush  Offense Valiant Leap causes your next War Axe attack to deal 8 bonus damage Space  Valiant Leap  Damage reduced by 2
 Bravery  Support Valiant Leap grants 33% damage reduction to self and nearby allies for 2.5s upon landing Space  Valiant Leap
 Heroic Leap  Mixed Valiant Leap deals 3 bonus damage and leap range increases by 20% Space  Valiant Leap  New 
 Shield Bash   Support Bulwark can be recast  to perform a Shield Bash, dealing 4 damage and inflicting a 50% weaken for 2s Space  Bulwark  Damage reduced by 2, weaken duration reduced by 1 s
 Mobile Defense  Mobility Bulwark increases movement speed by 60%. Q  Bulwark
 Wall Slam   Control Shield Dash inflicts a 0.6s stun and 2 bonus damage when slamming an enemy into a wall. E  Shield Dash
 Adrenaline Slam  Offense Shield Dash causes your next War Axe attack to deal 8 bonus damage E  Shield Dash  New 
 Raging Ram  Mobility Increases max range range of Shield Dash by 25% and reduces cooldown by 1s E  Shield Dash  Range reduced by 5% and cooldown by 1s
 Rampage   Offense War Shout increases movement speed and attack speed of War Axe and Blood Axe by 33% for 4s R  War Shout
 Mammoth Stomp  Control Heroic Charge area stun duration is increased to 1s from 0.25s F  Heroic Charge
 Inspiration  Utility  Increases your maximum energy by 25% and energy gained from abilities is increased by 10%  Perk  
  • Tree of Life (Q)
    • Base health increased from 20 to 24
    • Radius increased from 2.9 to 3.3
  • Boom Bloom (E)
    • Area Stun Vfx enlarged to better represent hitbox
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Powerful Pitch Mixed Charged Thwack! deals 3 bonus damage and weakens the target by 40% for 1.5s  M1 Thwack!  
Nature’s Cycle Offense  Your weapon recharges 30% faster  M1 Thwack! New
Kindhearted Support  Nourish heals for 4 bonus health when healing an ally  M2 Nourish Increased from 3 to 4
Fluttering Grace Mobility  You move 8% faster for each nearby ally affected by Butterflies  M2 Nourish  Increased from 7% to 8%
Gift of Nature Control  Leave a Lesser Boom Bloom seed behind when you use Hop. After 1.1s the seed inflicts Stun on all nearby enemies for 0.8s  Space Hop  Smaller Radius
Hop and Skip! Mobility  Hop can be recast to jump towards target position  Space Hop  
Nature’s Presence Support  Hop grants 15% increased damage and healing for self and nearby allies for 3s Space Hop  
Cautious Survival  Hop invisibility duration is increased by 1s  Space Hop  
Healthful Bark Survival  Tree of Life gains 12 bonus health  Q Tree of Life  
Refreshing Seed Mobility  Tree of Life grants nearby allies a 35% haste for 2.5s when destroyed or at end of duration  Q Tree of Life  
Bountiful Tree Support When Tree of Life is healed by Nourish, all nearby allies are healed for the same amount  Q Tree of Life  
Spring Growth Offense  Hitting and enemy with a Boom Bloom seed recharges your weapon by 50%  E Boom Bloom  
Pollen Control  Boom Bloom stun duration increases by 0.4s  E Boom Bloom New (does not affect lesser Boom Bloom)
Puff Mixed  Gust sends forth a projectile at the end of its duration, dealing 12 damage and knocking you and the target apart  R Gust  
Growing Power Offense  Each consecutive sound wave hit from Dance of the Dryads deals 7 bonus damage  F Dance of the Dryads Bonus damage increased from 5 to 7
  • Sludge Spit (EX M2)
    • Projectile speed increased from 20 to 22
 Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Severe Toxin Survival Toxin reduces movement speed by 12% and heals for 8 additional health M2  Toxin Muck  Now inflicts snare as well
 Spit Spit Spit  Utility Toxin Muck gains 1 additional ability charge and cooldown is increased by 1s M2  Toxin Muck  Added 1s cooldown
 Twin Strikes  Offense Frog Leap causes your next two Blade Flurry strikes to deal 3 bonus damage each. Space  Frog Leap  
 Frog Strike  Offense  Using Frog Leap from Camouflage deals 2 bonus damage and inflicts a stun that lasts 1s Space  Frog Leap  New
 Jungle Toad Survival  Frog Leap hits heal you for 14 health Space  Frog Leap  
Venom Strike  Offense  Blade Flurry attacks made from Camouflage inflicts a venom that explodes after 2s, dealing 10 area damage Q  Camouflage  
 Cut to the Chase  Utility  Camouflage duration is increased by 1s Q Camouflage  
 Noxious Reaction   Control  Noxious Lunge inflicts a 1s root and reapplies Toxin E  Noxious Lunge  Root duration reduced from 1.2s to 1s. Bug that caused 8 bonus damage and healing fixed.
 Trickery   Utility  Noxious Lunge hits reduces the cooldown of Camouflage by 1.5s E  Noxious Lunge  
 Frog Slice  Mobility  Using Noxious Lunge during Camouflage increases the range by 100% and inflicts a 50% weaken that lasts for 2.5s E  Noxious Lunge  New
 Frog Frenzy   Offense  Toxin Blades increases the attack speed of your next 6 Blade Flurry swings R  Toxin Blades  
 Momentum Mobility  After using Venom Wind, movement speed is increased by 40% for 4s F  Venom Wind  
  • Displace (Space)
    • Recast duration reduced from 2s to 1.8s
  • Arcane Barrier (EX Q)
    • Now grants the correct amount of charges. Previously when you absorbed a projectile you gained 1 charge + charges based on the total damage of projectiles absorbed
  • Grimoire of Chaos (F)
    • Effect added to better represent the pull area
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
Exhaust Control Landing 3 consecutive Arcane Fires inflicts a 0.8s fading snare M1 Arcane Fire Duration reduced from 1.2s to 0.8s
Warlock’s Grip Utility Chaos Grip range increases by up to 25% M2 Chaos Grip
Disruption Control Chaos Grip silences target fot 0.4s to 0.8s depending on charge-up M2 Chaos Grip  Duration reduced
Collapse Offense Chaos Grip deals 2 to 8 bonus damage depending on charge-up M2 Chaos Grip New
Wreck Havoc Offense Displace increases your Arcane Fire attack speed by 30% for 2.5s Space Displace Removed extra charge, duration increased from 2s to 2.5s
Chaos Barrage Offense Displace grants 1 extra weapon charge when used Space Displace  New
Whizz Mobility Displace grants a 60% fading haste for 2s Space Displace
Arcane Barrage Survival Recasting Arcane Barrage consumes all weapon charges to fire a projectile. For each weapon charge consumed, projectile deals 4 damage and heals self for 4 health. Q Arcane Barrier Damage reduced from 5 to 4, healing reduced from 6 to 4
Spell Eater Survival Gain double charges from absorbing attacks with Arcane Barrier and recover 4 health for every gained charge. Q Arcane Barrier  
Imp Rush Mobility Arcane Barrier increases your movement speed by 50% and cooldown is reduced by 1s Q Arcane Barrier Added cooldown reduction
Undermine Support Shackle reduces targets damage and healing output by 50% for 3s E Shackle
Face Melt Offense Arcane Fire deals 2 bonus damage to enemies rooted by Shackle E Shackle Damage reduced from 3 to 2
Bolted Offense Landing Shackle grants 1 weapon charge per enemy hit and increases your Arcane Fire range by 50% until your next recharge E Shackle  Added one weapon charge on hit (you can aquire multiple charges by hitting more enemies)
Tome of Restoration Support Tome of Destruction leashes on to nearby allies, healing them from 6 health per second R Tome of Destruction  New
Grimoire of Death Offense Pull force is increased by 50% and damage by 10 F Grimoire of Chaos New
  • Bash (M1)
    • Deals 10 / 10 / 16 damage (a 3 hit combo)
  • Storm Mace (M2)
    • Incap duration reduced from 2s to 1.5s
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
Static Hammers Offense Hitting an enemy with Static using Bash increases duration of Static by 1s up to a maximum of 6s M1 Bash New
Twin Hammers Mixed Storm Mace gains 1 ability charge and cooldown is increased by 0.5s M2 Storm Mace Cooldown increased from 3s to 3.5s
Thunderbolt Offense Storm Mace deals 6 bonus damage to enemies affected by Static and Incapacitate duration is increased by 0.5s M2 Storm Mace  Damage reduced from 8 to 6
Tempest Mobility Hitting a target with Storm Mace increases your moment speed by 35% for 2.5s M2 Storm Mace Duration increased from 2s to 2.5s
Thundering Spring Mobility Spring range increases by 25% and haste duration increases by 0.5s Space Spring New (effects EX as well)
Lightning Speed Offense Melee attack speed increases by 30% and haste duration increases by 0.5s Space Spring  New (affects EX as well)
Electric Conduction Survival While the Spring effect is active your next Bash grants you a shield that absorbs 14 damage and lasts 3s Space Spring
Overcharge Mixed Triggering Electric Shield inflicts nearby enemies with Static and applies a 16 health shield on nearby allies Q Electric Shield  Shield value reduced from 20 to 16
Hammer Time Offense Tiggering Electric Shield resets the cooldown of Thunderclap Q Electric Shield  New
Torrent Survival Thunderclap pulls enemies towards you. Each hit grants a 13 health shield E Thunderclap Shield reduced by 2
Rolling Thunder Mobility Move forward during Thunderclap E Thunderclap  New
Surge Mixed Charged Strike returns its energy cost on a successful hit and cooldown is reduced by 3s R Charged Strike
Positive Charge Offense Your damage output increases by 15% when Electric Shield is active Perk  New
Thunderstruck Control Lightning Strike applies a stun for 1s F Lightning Strike  
  • Boomstick (M1)
    • Added reload time to Boomstick tooltip
  • Tazer (E)
    • No longer dispels buffs from targets
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
Stockpile Offense Rocket X-67 gains 1 ability charge but cooldown increases by 1.5s M2 Rocket X-67 Cooldown increase
Heavy Rocket Control On direct hits, Rocket X-67 inflicts a 1.5s Fading Snare M2 Rocket X-67 Snare duration increased from 1s to 1.5s, damage removed
Boom! Offense Rocket X-67 deals 4 bonus damage M2 Rocket X-67  Applies to direct hits and area damage
Oil Blaster Mixed Your next Boomstick after using Jet Pack inflicts Oil Space Jet Pack
U-Turn Utility After using Jet Pack you can reactivate it to fly back Space Jet Pack
Rocket Boosters Mobility Jet Pack increases movement speed by 50% for 2.5s Space Jet Pack  Haste reduced from 65% to 50%, duration increased from 2s to 2.5s
Blast Shield Support Zap knocks nearby enemies back and grants a 30% Fading Haste that lasts 2s Q Zap Haste bonus changed to Fading Haste
Hyperspeed Offense Whilte you have the Zap shield, your Boomstick has no cooldown and your reload duration is reduced by 50% Q Zap  Reworked
Durable Shield Support Zap absorbs 8 more damage and 16 more on allies Q Zap  Absorb on self reduced, absorb on allies increased
Conductor Control Tazer bounces towards one additional target E Tazer Range reduced
Igniting Spark Offense Tazer deals 8 damage and inflicts Burning Oil when triggered if the target is effected by Oil E Tazer Burning Oil effect added
EMP Utility Tazer dispels positive buffs from enemies in an area E Tazer
Tractor Pulse Control Tractor Beam stuns all enemies caught in the beam for 0.5s when the effect ends, cooldown is reduced by 3s R Tractor Beam  Stun duration reduced from 0.8s to 0.5s
All Systems Operational Offense Machine Gun fires oil on all nearby enemies and launches a Rocket X-67 after firing the last bullet F Machine Gun  
Gunge Control Oil further reduces movement speed by 10% and duration increases by 1.5s Perk Duration bonus increased from 1s to 1.5s
Inspiration Utility Increases your maximum energy by 25% and energy gained from abilities is increased by 10% Perk  
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
Gunslinger Utility Whenever you hit a Revolver Shot, the cooldown of Stealth is reduced by 0.35s M1 Revolver Shot
Deadly Focus Offense Snipe deals 6 bonus damage M2 Snipe
Shadow Shot Survival Snipe hits heals you for 8 health M2 Snipe New (EX compatible)
Surprise Shot Control Snipe fired during Stealth stuns the enemy for an extra 0.5s M2 Snipe  New, does not require stealth to be active when hit 
Concussion Bomb Control Blast Vault stun duration increased by 0.75s Space Blast Vault
Explosive Jump Mobility Increases range of Blast Vault  by 20% and reduces cooldown by 1.5s Space Blast Vault  New variable range
Blasting Pistols Offense Your next 4 Revolver Shots deal 2 bonus damage and grant 2 bonus energy after using Blast Vault Space Blast Vault New
Ambush Offense Stealth resets the cooldown of Snipe and stealth duration increases by 0.3s Q Stealth  
Farewell Present Control Drop a domb that explodes after 1s, dealing 8 damage and inflicting a 1s Fading Snare when activating Stealth Q Stealth  New
Through the Shadows Mobility Stealth haste bonus increased by 40% Q Stealth Haste bonus increased from 30% to 40%
Desperado Offense Successfully landing Disabling Shot instantly reloads your guns with 6 Ammo E Disabling Shot
Delight Survival Disabling Shot heals you for 8 health and successful interrupts heal you for 8 additional health. E Disabling Shot Moved some value to hit
Magic Bullet Control Disabling Shot pierces enemies E Disabling Shot  New
Black Powder Control Junk Shot knockback distance is increased by 25%. Knocking an enemy into a wall inflicts a 0.5s Stun R Junk Shot  Stun reduced from 1.2s to 0.5s
Sharpnel Control Each projectile of Explosive Shells inflicts a 50% Snare on enemies for 1.5s F Explosive Shells
Agility Mobility Increases movement speed by 10% Perk  
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
Perfect Shot Control Steady Shot stuns the enemy for 0.5s M2 Steady Shot Removed damage
Power Shot Offense Steady Shot deals 6 bonus damage and knocks target back M2 Steady Shot  
Rejuvenating Shot Survival Steady Shot heals you for 16 additional health wen consuming Seeker’s Mark M2 Steady Shot  
Viper Mobility Black Arrow grants a 50% Fading Haste that lasts for 1.5s. Space Black Arrow  
Precision Offense Black Arrow deals 4 bonus damage and grants 4% bonus energy Space Black Arrow  
Marksman Utility Black Arrow hits grants 2 weapon charges Space Black Arrow Charges increased from 1 to 2
Crippling Hail Control Increases the Snare effect of Rain of Arrows from 20% to 35%. Q Rain of Arrows  
Arrow Storm Offense Rain of Arrows radius increased by 15% and damage by 4 Q Rain of Arrows  
Deadly Trap Offense Your projectile attacks deals 4 bonus damage to enemies hit by Bear Trap for 2s E Bear Trap New
Trapper Control Deploy one additional Bear Trap in front of the first one. E Bear Trap  
Disabling Trap Mixed Enemies caught in Bear Trap deal 40% reduced damage and receive 40% less healing. E Bear Trap  
Marked Prey Survival Bear Trap inflicts Seeker’s Mark. E Bear Trap  
Panther Mobility Prowl duration increased by 0.5s and cooldown reduced by 3s. R Prowl  
Deadeye Offense Dragon Slayer deals up to 15 bonus damage. F Dragon Slayer Damage increased from 10 to 15
Death Mark Offense Consuming Seekers Mark deals 4 bonus damage Perk Damage increased from 3 to 4
Agility Mobility Increases movement speed by 10%. Perk  
  • Crippling Goo (F)
    • Max throw range reduced from 10 to 7.5
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Weakening Toxic Mixed  Toxic reduces incoming healing by 20% and outgoing damage by 10% M1 Toxic Bolt  
Vampiric Toxin Survival  Toxic heals you for 6 health over 6s M1 Toxic Bolt  
Stimulant Offense  Damage done when affected by Revitalize is increased by 12%. M2 Healing Potion  Damage bonus reduced from 15% to 12%
Companion Potion Support  Healing Potion heals 4 extra health when healing an ally M2 Healing Potion  
Alacrity Mobility  Barrier increases movement speed by 33% Space Barrier  
Blast Shield Mixed  Applying Barrier causes a shockwave that deals 6 damage to nearby enemies and knocks them back. Space Barrier  Damage reduced from 10 to 6
Siege Barrier Support  Barrier absorbs 8 more damage and duration increases by 0.5s Space Barrier  New
Adhesive Component Control  Clarity Potion inflicts a 30% Snare lasting 3s Q Clarity Potion  
Potency Support  Clarity Potion heals for 8 health when dispelling a buff and deals 8 damage when dispelling a debuff Q Clarity Potion  Damage and healing reduced from 12 to 8
Toxic Reaction Offense   Clarity Potion consumes Toxic dealing 12 damage Q Clarity Potion  New
Hysteria Control  Panic Flask cooldown is reduced by 1.5s and landing Panic Flask reduces it’s cooldown by another 1.5s E Panic Flask  
Chaos Control  Panic Flask explodes dealing 6 area damage and inflicting Lesser Panic on all nearby enemies E  Panic Flask  Area damaged reduced from 12 to 6
Deadly Brew Offense   Panic Flask deals 10 bonus damage E  Panic Flask  New
Swift Roll Mobility   Roll grants a 33% haste for 2s and cooldown is reduced by 3s R Roll  Cooldown reduction lowered from 5s to 3s
Sticky Goo Control  Crippling Goo’s movement speed reduction increased from 40% to to 60% F Crippling Goo  
Agility Mobility  Movement speed is increased by 10% Perk  
  • Sands of Time (M1)
    • Debuff renamed “Time Bomb” to distinguish from ability
  • Quicksand (E)
    • Fading Snare duration reduced from 1.5s to 1s
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Shared Fate  Offense  Time Bomb deals 2 bonus damage and explodes, dealing area damage when the effect ends. M1 Sands of Time  
Dehydration Mixed   Time Bomb reduces incoming healing by 20% and outgoing damage by 10% M1 Sands of Time  Reworked 
Rewind Mixed   Rejuvenating Sand hits accelerates targets ability cooldowns by 6%. M2 Rejuvinating Sand   
Renew Support   Rejuvenating Sand hits applies a renewing effect that heals target for 6 health after 3.5s. M2  Rejuvenating Sand Healing reduced from 8 to 6 
Recreate Support   Travelling through an ally with Shifting Sands grants the ally a Shield absoring 16 damage lasting up to 3s Space  Shifting Sands   
Chrono Shift Mixed   Shifting Sands create a lesser Chronoflux that reflects projectiles and slows movement speed. Space  Shifting Sands   
Passage of Time Offense   Shifting Sands deals 4 bonus damage and inflicts a 1s Fading Snare Space  Shifting Sands  Removed consume and added bonus damage, changed from control to offense 
Sand Storm Offense   Your next Sands of Time after using Shifting Sands deals 8 bonus damage Space Shifting Sands  New 
Time Walker Mobility   Absorbing an attack with Time Bender reduces the cooldown of Shifting Sands by 2s Time Bender  Changed to cooldown reduction per absorbed attack
Drain Survival  Absorbing an attack with Time Bender shields you for 16 / 8 / 4 health. Shield value is reduced for each absorbed attack. The shield lasts for up to 3s Time Bender  Changed into shield instead of healing 
Stolen Power Mixed   When you absorb a projectile with Time Bender you deal 20% increased damage and healing while the projectile is stored in your hourglass Time Bender  New (Effect does not apply to the projectile that is recast and breaks instantly when projectile is fired) 
Sand Tomb Control   Quicksand inflicts a 1s Root Quicksand  Duration reduced from 1.5s to 1s 
Sand Struck Offense   Quicksand can be recast to spawn a lesser Quicksand with half the effect, that applies Time Bomb instead of consuming it Quicksand  New (Half effect also applies to Sand Tomb) 
Time Burst Offense   Consuming Time Bomb with Quicksand deals 6 bonus damage Quicksand  New
Reversal Support   Time Travel restores 50% of damage taken during the last 2 seconds Time Travel   
  • Healing Wave (M2)
    • Projectile speed increased from 28 to 32
    • Area radius increased from 1.1 to 1.3
  • Tidal Wave (Q)
    • Healing reduced from 16 to 12
    • damage reduced from 16 to 15
  • Bubble Shield (R)
    • Shield value reduced from 30 to 26
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Soaking Wet  Control  The Silence duration from a charged Volatile Water is increased from 1s to 1.5s M1  Volatile Water  
Rippling Waters Offense  Firing Volatile Water through a Bubble Barrier increases travel distance by 25% and damage by 5 M1 Volatile Water  
Splash Damage Control  Empowered Volatile Water deals splash damage and inflicts Silence on all enemies hit M1 Volatile Water  Only triggers on hit and no longer on walls. Changed from offense to control
Fountain Support   Healing Wave projectiles bounces to the nearest ally healing them for 6 health M2 Healing Wave Reduced range
Spring Water Support  Dive heals self for 6 health and nearby allies for 18 health when emerging from the deep Space Dive Healing on allies increased from 12 to 18
Ocean Tide Mobility  Diving into a Bubble Barrier destroys the bubble and resets the cooldown of Dive Space Dive  
Riptide Mixed  Dive deals 8 damage and inflicts a 1s Root at your starting location Space Dive  
Sea Bubble Survival  Tidal Wave spawns a lesser Bubble Barrier around you when triggered Q Tidal Wave  
Gush Control   Tidal Wave recharges your staff when triggered Q Tidal Wave  
Tsunami Offense  Tidal Wave fires a Volatile Water projectile towards all nearby enemies when triggered Q Tidal Wave New (Volatile Water range as radius)
Ocean Sage Utility   Bubble Barrier can be recasted within 1.5s to spawn a lesser Bubble Barrier E Bubble Barrier  
Tasty Fish Support  Bubble Barrier spawns a tasty fish in the center of the bubble that heals 8 health and increases damage output by 20% for 4s when picked up E Bubble Barrier Pick up radius of the fish increased from 0.2 to 0.6, duration of buff increased from 3s to 4s
Water Walk Mobility  Touching a Bubble Barrier grants allies a 30% Haste that fades over 2s after leaving the bubble. E Bubble Barrier  Reworked
Terror of the Deep Control  Jaws maximum spew range increases by 25% and enemies are slowed by 33% for 2.5s when they land F Jaws  
  • Infest (Space)
    • Cooldown reduced from 10s to 7s
    • Cooldown now triggers when Pestilus lands after infesting
  • Queen (Q)
    • Now always inflicts a 0.6s Panic when it explodes
    • Damage reduced from 24 to 18
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Overlord  Mobility  You move 7% faster for each nearby enemy or ally affected by Moth. Stacks up to 3 times M1 Moth Moved to Moth from Perk, increased from 6% to 7%, added a cap on 3 targets
Blood Leecher Survival  When landing Bloodsucker on an ally you take no damage M2 Bloodsucker New
Colony Survival  Landing Bloodsucker on a Queen or a target affected by Moth causes it to spread to nearby enemies M2 Bloodsucker  
Insectivore Offense  When Bloodsucker hits a target affected by Moth it deals 6 bonus damage to enemies and heals 6 bonus health to allies M2 Bloodsucker Damage and healing increased from 5 to 6, no longer consumes Moth
Defiler Mixed  Infest lasts 0.5s longer, drains 10 health from enemies and heals allies for 10 health Space Infest Reworked, 2 damage and self heal per 0.5s or 2 healing per 0.5s to ally
Spores Support  Infest reduces damage and healing output of an enemy by 50% and increases the damage and healing output of an ally by 25%. Space Infest Changed from Mixed to Support
Scourge Utility  Allows you to Infest an additional target Space Infest  
Hive Mind Mixed  Queen cooldown is reduced by 1s and recasting the Queen commands it to fly towards target location Q Queen Added 1s cooldown reduction
 Swarm Queen Support  Queen spawns with a Swarm shield that absorbs up to 28 damage and lasts for 1.2s Q Queen New. Replaced Hardened Carapace. Destroying shield with damage triggers a moth (like R)
Sacrifice Offense  Queen slows nearby enemies movement speed by 20% and deals 8 bonus damage when it explodes Q Queen Added damage to Blight, renamed it and reduced movement speed reduction from 30% to 20%
Broodmother Control  Queen panic duration increased by 0.6s Q Queen Bonus duration reduced from 1s to 0.6s
Spiderling Venom Offense  Arachnophobia deals 8 damage on impact and Panic duration increases by 0.5s E Arachnophobia New
Egg Carrier Control  Arachnophobia bounces forward, causing another impact. The radius of the second impact is increased by 15% E Arachnophobia Radius of second impact increased
Lord of the Flies Control  Scarab deals 4 bonus damage and heals for 4 more. Inflicts a Fading Blind that reduces enemy sight range by 90%. The effect wears off over the duration of Scarab F Scarab Pack Blind Beetles renamed to Lord of the Flies, as current Lord of the Flies was removed. Added bonus healing and damage on impact.
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Dark Souls  Offense  Damage dealt by Soul Bind increases from 30% to 50% and the range of Soul Bind increases by 20%.  M1  Soul Bolt  Now also increases the range that damage is shared in
Shimmering Bond Support   Spirit Link healing increases from 50% to 70% M1  Soul Bolt   Healing share increased from 65% to 70%
Specter Support   Other Side turns the target invisible for 1.5s M2  Other Side Invisibility fades after 1.5s 
Spirit Walker Mobility   Other Side movement speed bonus increases by 50% and duration increases by 0.5s M2  Other Side  New 
Into the Realm Survival  Other Side grants 6 additional healing and cooldown reduces by 1s M2  Other Side  Haste removed, added increased healing 
Soul Theft Mixed   Moving through an enemy during Other Side deals 8 damage and heals you for 8 health M2  Other Side   
Vengeful Spirit Control   Warping to Spirit Guide resets the cooldown of Spirit Rift Space Spirit Guide   
Phantasm Support   An ally affected by Spirit Guide takes 40% less damage and an enemy affected by Spirit Guide takes 25% more damage Space  Spirit Guide   
Ghostly Strike Mixed   Spirit Guide damage increases by 6 and Knockback force increases by 60% Space  Spirit Guide  Damage increased from 4 to 6 
Spiritual Wind Mobility   Spirit Rift increases your movement speed by 40% for 3s Spirit Rift   
Soul Essence Control   Spirit Rift cooldown is reduced by 1s and is further reduced by 1s for each enemy that triggers Panic Spirit Rift  New 
Silver Fang Offense   Ghost Wolf range increases by 20% and the first hit deals 4 bonus damage E Ghost Wolf  New 
Dire Wolf Control   The first Ghost Wolf hit inflicts a 1s Root E Ghost Wolf   
Affection Mixed   Ghost Wolf returns to you after the final attack, healing you for 12 health and and granting you 6% energy E Ghost Wolf  Cooldown reduction removed, added energy . Can no longer miss while returning
Pixie Dust Support   Pixie deals full damage and healing on mimicked Soul Bolts and cooldown is reduced by 3s  Pixie Cooldown reduction added 
Equlibrium Mixed   First impact applies Spirit Link on allies and Soul Link on enemies Ancestral Spirit  
Condemn Control   Second impact stuns all enemies for 1.2s  Ancestral Spirit   
  • Slicing Winds (EX M1)
    • Max charges reduced from 3 to 2
  • No longer gains Aerial Strike recast by having reflected enemy Raigon’s Tectonic Shock (Bug Fix)
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Overflowing Power  Survival  Your next Sword Slash after Heavenly Strike sends forth a Slicing Wind, dealing 10 damage and restoring 14 health M1 Sword Slash  
Headlong Rush Mobility  The dash length of Retribution is increased by 30% M2 Retribution
Binding Light Control  Retribution inflicts a 0.7s Fading Snare. Each weapon charge increases the duration by 0.3s M2 Retribution New
Royal Descent Offense  Heavenly Strike deals an additional 6 damage and inflicts a 1s Fading Snare on hit Space Heavenly Strike Merge
Hawk Dive Support  Heavenly Strike inflicts a 50% Weaken for 2s Space Heavenly Strike New
Acrobatics Utility  Decreases the minimum range of Heavenly Strike by 50% and increases the maximum range by 30% Space Heavenly Strike New
Invigorate Support  Move at 100% movement speed during Parry. Heal yourself and nearby allies for 10 health when Parry ends Q Parry Movement speed part from Riposte. Healing increased from 8 to 10
Riposte Offense  End Parry with a Spinning Slash that hits twice dealing 8 damage and inflicting a Stun that lasts 0.3s Q Parry Speed removed
Duelist Survival  Each deflected attack heals you for 4 health and the first deflected attack grants a Slicing Winds charge. Your Sword Slash consumes a charge to send forth a Slicing Wind, dealing 10 damage and restoring 14 health Q Parry Redesigned
Aerial Strike Mixed  Seismic Shock can be recast to leap and strike the airborne target, dealing 6 damage and increasing air duration by 0.7s E Seismic Shock Damage reduced from 12 to 6
Perilous Height Offense  When enemies hit by Seismic Shock land, they take 10 damage and nearby enemies enemies take 16 damage E Seismic Shock New
Soaring Speed Mobility  Landing Seismic Shock grants you a 70% Fading Haste for 2.5s E Seismic Shock  New
Dragon Mastery Utility  Landing Dragon Palm allows you to recast it for 1.5s R Dragon Palm  
The Tiger and the Dragon Mixed  Wrath of the Tiger ends with a Heavenly Strike F Wrath of the Tiger  Always casts the Acrobatics version of Heavenly Strike
Agility Mobility  Movement speed is increased by 10%  Perk  
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Pummel Rush  Mobility  Pummel hits reduces the cooldown of Rush by 0.4s M1  Pummel  
Squash Control   Crushing Blow stuns all enemies hit for 0.5s M2  Crushing Blow  Stun reduced from 0.7s to 0.5s
Weapon Break Support   Crushing Blow deals 2 bonus damage and enemies affected by Armor Break deal 33% less damage M2 Crushing Blow  Effect increased from 25% to 33% 
Rook Smash Offense   Crushing Blow deals 6 bonus damage M2  Crushing Blow  New 
Endurance Mobility   Rush cooldown is reduced by 1s, using Rush without hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown by another 3s Space Rush  New 
Raging Bull Offense   Rush cast time is reduced by 60% during Berserk and Rush deals 4 bonus damage Space  Rush  New. Adds bonus damage on cast, but not required to be active on hit
Frenzy Offense   Landing Rush causes you to enter Berserk for 1s Space  Rush   
Madness Mobility   Berserk duration is increased by 0.5s and movement speed bonus is increased by 33% Berserk  Movement speed bonus increased from 25% to 33%, added duration increase 
Giant Survival  Berserk duration is increased by 0.5s and damage taken during Berserk is reduced by 33% Berserk  Damage reduction reduced from 50% to 33% and duration from 1s to 0.5s 
War Cry Control   Casting Berserk reduces nearby enemies movement speed by 50% for 3s Berserk   
Crag Control    Boulder Toss inflicts a 1s Fading Snare and cooldown is reduced by 1.5s Boulder Toss  Snare duration reduced from 1.5s to 1s 
Crumble Offense   Boulder Toss deals 2 bonus damage and inflicts Armor Break Boulder Toss   
Earthquake Offense    Tremor inflicts Armor Break Tremor   
Ruh Kaan
  • Defiled Blade (M1)
    • Charged Defiled Blade now inflicts a Silence for 0.5s
  • Shadow Bolt (M2)
    • Cooldown increased from 4 to 5
  • Curse
    • Duration reduced from 3s to 2.5s
  • Shadow Beast (F)
    • Ultimate now has a 1s delay before it can be cancelled, to help prevent cancelling it by mistake
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Wicked Strike  Control Silence duration on enemies hit with Defiled Blade is increased from 0.5s to 0.8s M1 Defiled Blade  New 
Leech Blade  Survival  Charged Defiled Blade heals you for 6 bonus health M1  Defiled Blade   
Taint  Survival  Striking a Cursed target heals you for 3 additional health M1  Defiled Blade  Bonus healing increased from 2 to 3 
Grim Edge Offense  Charged Defiled Blade deals 5 bonus damage  M1  Defiled Blade 
Agony  Offense  
Shadow Bolt deals 6 more damage
M2  Shadowbolt   
Affliction  Offense  Shadow Bolt inflicts Amplify, increasing all damage the targed receives by 15% for 3s M2  Shadowbolt  New 
Nether Chains  Mixed   Sinister Strike inflicts Curse Space  Sinister Strike   
Demonic Hunt  Mixed    Sinister Strike gains 1 ability charge but cooldown increases by 1s Space  Sinister Strike  Increased cooldown by 1s 
Shadow Fury  Offense   Absorbing an attack with Consume grants Shadowbolt 2 ability charges Consume   
Gorge  Survival  Consume’s cooldown is reduced by 1s. Consuming attacks further reduce the cooldown with 1.5/1/0.5s Consume   
Death Grip  Control   Landing Claw of the Wicked reduces its cooldown by 2s E Claw of the Wicked  Cooldown reduction lowered from 3s to 2s 
Death’s Embrace  Control   Claw of the Wicked inflicts a 1.2s Root Claw of the Wicked   
Cold Touch  Mixed   Claw of the Wicked inflicts Curse Claw of the Wicked  New 
Tenacious Demon  Offense   Claw of the Wicked drains 3 more health and range is increased by 12% Claw of the Wicked  New 
Hunger  Control   Shadow Beast pulls all nearby enemies to your position when activated Shadow Beast Radius reduced, pull force reduced from 3.5 to 2 and duration of pull reduced from 0.35s to 0.25s 
Shadow Prowl  Mobility   Shadow Beast increases movement speed by 35% Shadow Beast  Haste increased from 25% to 35% 
Night Stalker  Mobility   Move 16% faster when your weapon is charged –  Perk   
Reaper Mixed  Your weapon recharges 30% faster  –  Park  Increased from 20% to 30%
  • Impale (M2)
    • Damage increased from 9 to 10
    • Bonus damage per stack reduced from 5 to 4
  • Fleetfoot (Space)
    • Now reduces damage dealt by 50% (as Tempest Rush)
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Thrust  Offense   Impale deals 2 additional damage for each weapon charge M2 Impale New
Spear Lunge Mobility   Impale lunge range increases by 50% M2 Impale New
Ceremonial Spear Survival  Impale heals you for 2 health and an additional 2 health for each weapon charge M2 Impale  
The Spear is the Way Utility   Spear Slash attacks during Fleetfoot grant 8% bonus energy Space Fleetfoot Removed bonus damage
Meditation Support  Activating Fleetfoot near an ally heals you and your ally for 14 health each Space Fleetfoot New
Swift Feet Mobility  Fleetfoot movement speed bonus is increased from 35% to 50% and the haste effect lasts for an additional 1.5s Space Fleetfoot  
Poised to Strike Offense   Your next Spear Slash used after blocking an attack with Kunju deals 10 bonus damage Q Kunju Damage reduced from 12 to 10
Mantra Survival  Your next Spear Slash used after blocking an attack with Kunju heals you for 14 health Q Kunju  
Ferocious Stance Offense   Increases your maximum weapon charges by 1 and blocking an attack with Kunju grants 1 weapon charge Q Kunju New, replaces Ferocity
Spear Slinger Mobility  Hitting a wall allows you to recast Javelin for 3s E Javelin New
Javelin Master Utility  Javelin deals 4 bonus damage and range increases by 10% E Javelin Range bonus reduced from 20% to 10%
Dirty Tricks Control  Javelin inflicts a 1.2s Root E Javelin Removed damage
Whirling Blade Offense  Tendon Swing deals 4 additional damage and grants 15% energy when hitting at least one target R Tendon Swing Added damage
Spear Dance Mobility   Increases the movement speed boost in Whirlwind to 40% from 20% F Whirlwind  
  • Celestial Split (Space)
    • Reduced minimum travel duration from 0.55s to 0.5s
    • Reduced maximum travel duration from 0.65s to 0.55s
    • Removed the pull effect on nearby enemies upon arrival (this effect is still present in his EX version)
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Lethal Slash  Offense  Charged Crescent Strike deals 6 bonus damage M1 Crescent Strike   
Debilitating Slash  Survival  Charged Crescent Strike weaken duration increases by 1s and weaken factor by 10% M1  Crescent Strike   
Saros Cycle Mixed   Your weapon recharges 30% faster M1  Crescent Strike   
Radiance  Survival  Sunlight heals you for 6 health when healing an ally M2  Sunlight   
Sunbath  Survival  Charged Crescent Strike empowers your next Sunlight causing one additional beam to strike the same area healing nearest ally for 12 health M2  Sunlight  Reduced to one extra heal 
Sunwell  Mobility   Celestial Split heals 8 more health. Healing an ally reduces the cooldown of Celestial Split by 4s Space  Celestial Split  
Cosmic Reach  Mixed   Celestial Split deals 4 bonus damage and max distance increases by 20% Space  Celestial Split New 
Illumination  Support   Sunrise illuminates self and allies hit increasing damage output by 20% and healing received by 20% for 3s Sunrise   
Sunscreen  Survival  Sunrise grants self and nearby allies a shield absorbing 16 damage and lasts up to 2.5s Sunrise   
Daybreak  Mobility   Sunrise can be recast for 1.5s to return to the origin location Sunrise  New 
Lunatic  Control   Lunar Strike can be recast for a short period to spawn a Lesser Lunar Strike Lunar Strike  Reduced petrify duration on lesser Lunar Strike 
Lunar Charge  Offense    Each Lunar Strike hit charges your weapon by 25% Lunar Strike  New 
Moon Stone  Control   Successful Sunlights reduces the cooldown of Lunar Strike by 1s Lunar Strike   
Celestial Cycle  Offense   Prismatic Strike hits recharges your weapon by 50% Prismatic Strike   
Gravity  Control   Astral Beam snares targets by 35% Astral Beam  Snare factor increased from 30% to 35% 
  • Wind Strike (Q)
    • Cooldown reduced from 9s to 8s
  • Wind Bomb (E)
    • Fading Snare removed
    • Now creates a Wind Stream that lasts for 2s and grants haste for 1s to allies entering it
  • Companion Call (F)
    • Mount damage increased from 26 to 30
    • Shield Value increased from 38 to 40
  • Spinning Boomerang (EX M2)
    • Fixed a bug where Spinning Boomerang would sometimes pass through Bakko’s Bulwark
    • Now always reflected upon hitting Bulwark
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Breath of Air Survival During Haste your Razor Boomerangs first hit heal you for 6 health M1  Razor Boomerang   
Cold Wind Control    Razor Boomerangs thrown during Haste inflicts a 0.25s Fading Snare M1  Razor Boomerang   
Cross Cut Offense   X-Strike intersect damage increased by 8 M2  X-Strike  Damage increased by 2 
Surprise Attack Offense    X-Strike can be used while moving at 70% movement speed during Haste M2  X-Strike 
Heavy Boomerangs Control   X-Strike stun duration increases by 0.4s M2  X-Strike  New 
Tailwind Support   Haste increases the movement speed of nearby allies by 50% for 2s Space  Haste   
Gale Survival  Wind Strike spawns a Gale that slows projectiles for up to 1.4s Wind Strike  Duration reduced from 2s to 1.4s 
Wind Fury Mobility   Landing Wind Strike while affected by Haste reapplies Haste Wind Strike   
Cyclone Control   Enemies knocked into walls by Wind Strike are stunned for 1.2s Wind Strike  Stun duration increased from 1s to 1.2s 
Wind Stream Mobility   Increases the duration of Wind Streams spawned by Wind Bomb by 1s. The haste duration is increased by 1s Wind Bomb  Reworked to fit with Wind Stream becoming part of base kit 
Vortex Control   Wind Bomb spawns a vortex that pulls enemies towards its center for 2s Wind Bomb  Duration increased from 1.5s to 2s 
Tracking Offense   Each Razor Boomerang hit while mounted deals 2 bonus damage and extends the duration by 0.5s up to 5 times Companion Call  Added max cap for duration increased and added bonus damage 
Inspiration Utility    Increases maximum energy by 25% and you gain 10% more energy from abilities –  Perk   
  • Hand of Punishment (EX M2)
    • Damage reduced from 16 to 14
Rite Type Description Keybind Ability Note
 Unlimited Power Survival Fading Snare duration when Corruption is consumed by Shatter is increased from 1s to 1.5s, and Corruption is reapplied when consumed by Shatter  M1  Hand of Corruption   
Fervor  Mobility   Consuming Corruption increases your movement speed by 8% for 5s. Can stack up to 3 times M1  Hand of Corruption  New 
Silence  Control   Silence duration when Judgement is consumed increases from 0.5s to 1s M2  Hand of Judgement   
Devastation  Offense   Hand of Judgement deals 3 bonus damage and resets the cooldown on hit M2  Hand of Judgement   
Zeal  Support    Applying Inhibitor’s Guard consumes Corruption on nearby enemies inflicting Fading Snare for 1s. The shielded ally is healed 8 health for each Corruption consumed Space  Inhibitor’s Guard  Reworked 
Celerity  Support  Inhibitor’s Guard increases movement speed by 25% and damage output by 15% Space  Inhibitor’s Guard   
Wonder  Support   Inhibitor’s Guard absorbs 14 more health Space  Inhibitor’s Guard  
Return  Survival  If Wuju is triggered you can recast it within 1.5s Wuju   
Ruin  Mixed   Wuju inflicts Judgement on enemies struck Wuju  
Law Bender  Utility   When Shatter consumes Corruption or Judgement the cooldown of Inhibitor’s Guard is reduced by 1.5s Shatter  Reduction increased from 1s to 1.5s 
Fracture  Offense   Shatter gains 1 additional charge Shatter   
Inhibitor  Mobility   Shatter can be used while moving at 75% speed Shatter  New 
Kinetic Judgement  Offense    Kinetic Energy inflicts Judgement Kinetic Energy  New 
Absolute Power  Offense   Powers Combined repeats itself 1 extra time Powers Combined New 
Synergy  Support   If both Judgement and Corruption are active on a target, both are reapplied by Hand of Corruption and Hand of Judgement –  Perk   
Inspiration  Utility   Energy gained increased by 10% and maximum energy by 25% –  Perk   

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