Patch 1.1.0 includes general improvements to performance and UI, balance changes, and a new Champion – Destiny, the Sky Ranger. The patch is scheduled for 9:00 AM CET on Wednesday, November 22nd. There will be a downtime of two hours as we prepare the Arena for her arrival.


  • Fixed a performance spike when some champions became visible after standing in the fog of war
  • Fixed a FPS drop that some players experienced when Ruh Kaan killed someone with his primary attack (M1)
  • Added additional resolution options for the following aspect ratios: 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, 5:3, 16:10, 16:9, 17:9, 21:9. This should allow players with a struggling GPU to reduce the resolution and thus increase performance. The aspect ratio is currently locked to a minimum of 16:10 – this will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  • Loadout Picking time reduced from 90 to 60 seconds.
  • The following bots have been added to VS AI and Private Matches:
    • Blossom
    • Ezmo
    • Poloma
    • Rook
    • Ruh Kaan
    • Varesh
  • A notification message will now appear in chat when Steam Overlay is not enabled when trying to purchase a bundle that requires overlay to be enabled.
  • Can now equip mounts in the Collection -> Mounts window.
  • It should no longer unready all members of a party when one member unreadies.
  • Fixed a bug where black borders would block the HUD when in a match with 4:3 or 5:4 (or higher ratio) resolutions.
  • Fixed overlapping texts in the ‘Active quests’ section in champion select.
  • Added ‘View Profile’ dropdown in the add friend popup.
  • Changed ‘FREE TO PLAY’ text in champion select to ‘FREE TO PLAY ROTATION.’
  • If multiple chest reward notifications are active and player clicks on one, all of them are removed.
  • Added Champion icons to control settings dropdown list.
  • Changing camera modes (bound to 1-4) have been re-enabled in full screen Odeum replays.
  • You should no longer get stuck in the loading screen if you edit a replay directly after viewing an Odeum replay.
  • Champion names are now displayed in Scoreboard
  • Scoreboard now correctly displays the scores of the previous round until the next round begins
  • Champions are now properly cleared of energy, buffs, weapon charges, and other effects before each round starts.
  • Fixed a bug with Shadow Pestilus’ Queens ability.
  • Added a 500 HP dummy that regains health if not attacked for 1.5s. You can practice combos on it!
  • The Dab of Pride and Accomplishment – New Legendary Pose available for Croak. Can be unlocked for 20,000 Tokens.
    “The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking this item.”

    • This item can only be purchased with tokens and will not drop in chests.

New Champion – Destiny, the Sky Ranger

An elite sky ranger from the secluded, invisible city of Enza. Many years of rigorous combat training using Magi-tech weaponry makes Destiny an agile and deadly force to be reckoned with. Fed up with the strict regulations of living in Enza, Destiny often escapes the city to blow off some steam and have fun in the arena.


Power Blaster (M1)

Projectile attack dealing 16 damage. Successful hits reduces the cooldown of Charged Bolt by 1s.

Charged Bolt (M2)

Hold to charge a projectile for up to 1.2s to increase damage and distance. The projectile deals 8-32 damage and inflicts Spell Block.

Magnetic Orb (Space)

Compress yourself into an orb to dispel movement impairing effects and to increase movement speed by 125%. Deals 16 damage and knocks the first enemy you bump into back.

Sky Strike (Q)

Counter the next melee or projectile attack. Countering an attack vaults you into the air and fires a plasma blast that deals 22 damage and knocks enemies back.

Plasma Wall (E)

Deploy a Plasma Wall at target location. The barrier reduces projectile speed and snares enemies that pass through it.

Mega Sphere (R)

Fire a colossal sphere of volatile energies forward towards target position. Firing Power Blaster or Charged Bolt at Mega Sphere causes an explosion, dealing the fired projectile’s effects to all nearby targets along with 14 bonus damage and inflicting Fading Snare to enemies hit.

Pinball (F)

Compress yourself into an orb and dash forward at high speed. Deals 40 damage and throws enemies into the air for 0.6s. Bounces on walls up to a total of three times.

Transform Weapon (EX M1)

Toggle defensive weapon mode, granting a shield that absorbs 6 damage. Blaster deals 6 damage on enemy hit and applies a shield absorbing 10 damage on ally hit. Shields self for the same amount on both enemy and ally hits. Max shield value: 40.

Lockdown (EX E)

Summon a plasma prison at target location that stuns enemies that pass through it.

 Round Type Description  Keybind Ability
Plasma Infusion Survival Firing Power Blaster through a Plasma Wall increases travel distance by 25% and applies a shield absorbing 6 damage on hit. M1 Power Blaster
Power Attachment Offense Charged Bolt deals 2 – 8 bonus damage. M2 Charged Bolt
System Shock Control Charged Bolt silence duration increases to 1.5s from 1s. M2 Charged Bolt
Violent Revolution Offense Magnetic Orb deals 6 bonus damage and knockback increases by 20%. Space Magnetic Orb
Globetrotter Mobility The duration of Magnetic Orb increases by 0.5s and its movement speed increases by 30% Space Magnetic Orb
Dispatch Mobility Magnetic Orb can be recast to leap to a new target location knocking enemies back when you land. Space Magnetic Orb
Energy Conversion Survival Sky Strike grants you a shield that absorbs 12 damage and absorbs an additional 8 damage per hit. Q Sky Strike
Blast Processing Offense Sky Strike deals 8 bonus damage and its radius is increased by 15%. Q Sky Strike
Sizzle Control An enemy passing through Plasma Wall takes 6 damage and is rooted for 1.2s. E Plasma Wall
Plasma Booster Mobility Moving through a Plasma Wall increases an allied unit’s movement speed by 30% for 3.5s. E Plasma Wall
Lasting Plasma Control Plasma Wall duration increases by 0.5s and cooldown is reduced by 1s. E Plasma Wall
Expansion Pack Control Mega Sphere cooldown is reduced by 3s and Fading Snare duration increases by 1s. R Mega Sphere
Transformer Mobility Maximum amount of Pinball bounces increases by 2 and transforms you into Magnetic Orb at the end of its duration. F Pinball
  • Destiny can be unlocked via the All Champions Pack or purchased for 900 Gems/5800 Battlecoins.
  • Unlocking Destiny with Gems up until December 12th will also grant 3x Destiny Chests.
Destiny Chest
  • Ownership of Destiny is required to purchase this Chest.
  • Contains three random items. Guarantees at least one Rare Destiny item and one Rare normal item.
  • Can be purchased in two bundles:
    • 1 Destiny Chest for 150 Gems
    • 5 Destiny Chests + 1 Bonus Destiny Chest for 750 Gems
  • All Destiny cosmetics can also drop in standard (Silver, Gold, and Legendary) Chests.

Balance Changes

We are continuing to monitor the popularity and viability of the various battlerites going forward. As such, various battlerite changes below are targeted to weaken the effect of the strongest battlerites, while some of the less popular ones gain increased power. The goal is to give each champion multiple options and builds.


  • Raging Fire
    • Raging Fire bolts now compatible with Combustion battlerite
  • Battlerites Fire Punch and Pummel are now properly compatible

The high knockback of Dance of the Dryads allows Blossom to string the three hits together against targets without escapes. The knockback change should increase counterplay and make it more difficult to land the second two waves after the first wave hits.

  • Dance of the Dryads (F)
    • Knockback duration reduced from 0.4s to 0.25s
  • Kindhearted
    • Bonus healing reduced from 4 to 2. Now also adds 2 additional healing to Butterflies when placed on allies.
  • Fluttering Grace
    • Haste factor increased from 8% to 10%
  • Hop and Skip
    • Recast changed to a Lesser Hop, which has a range of 4. Regular Hop has a range of 5.
  • Growing Power
    • Bonus Damage increased from 7 to 8

Jumong’s last change improved the consistency of his energy gain but it offered too much immediate energy gain. This change smooths out the energy gain over the duration so he is rewarded for picking vulnerable, immobile targets.

  • Rain of Arrows (Q)
    • Energy gain changed. Now grants 4% energy on initial hit and 6% over the rest of the duration.
  • Ability effects updated

  • Fixed a performance issue relating to his Time Bender recast

  • Pearl’s weapon is now Charged at the start of each round.

  • Overlord
    • Replaced placeholder buff icon

  • Overflowing Power
    • Now only gives a Slicing Winds charge if Heavenly Strike successfully hits a target.

  • Fixed a bug causing Rook to lose the energy gained from Orb if he destroyed it using his ultimate.

  • Cross Cut
    • X-Strike Boomerangs now deal 2 bonus damage in base, and an additional 4 damage where the Boomerangs intersect.
    • Now compatible with Spinning Boomerang, adding 2 bonus damage on the way out and 4 bonus damage on the way in.
  • Heavy Boomerangs
    • Now increases base stun duration of X-Strike by 0.2s, and further increases the duration by 0.2s where the Boomerangs intersect.
    • Now compatible with Spinning Boomerang, adding 0.2s to the stun duration on the way in.
  • Gale
    • Duration increased from 1.4s to 2s
  • Tailwind
    • Haste Duration increased from 2s to 2.2s

Thorn is receiving some additional graphical updates to improve the readability on his abilities. Thorn also telegraphs his actions more, offering enemies greater time to react.

  • Entangling Roots (E)
    • Duration before Thorn stops moving during the cast reduced from 0.6s to 0.5s
    • Effects have been updated
  • Evil Clutch (Q)
    • Effects have been updated to clarify which player casts the ability, and which direction is will be heading.
    • Delay before launch increased from 0.8s to 0.9s
  • Root Network (EX Space)
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed Thorn to put allies out of bounds using Root Network

  • Ruin
    • Changed category from “Mixed” to “Offense”

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