Tales of Horror

The ghouls are back in town! As Friday the 13th draws close, the creepy things of Battlerite return, bringing with them new Weapons, new Outfits, and new Chests!

Patch 1.5.1 is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, April 11th, at 9:00 CEST. 

Creepy Chests are back and purchasable with Gems; they guarantee 1 non-duplicate Epic or Legendary Creepy Item and will reward duplicate items when all Epic and Legendary items are owned. They can be purchased in the following bundles:

  • 1 Creepy Chest for 250 Gems
  • 5 Creepy Chests and 1 bonus Creepy Chest for 1250 Gems
  • 20 Creepy Chests and 7 bonus Creepy Chests for 5000 Gems

New to the spooky squad is the Spooky Chest, which will replace silver chests when leveling up your Account Level during Tales of Horror and replace Silver Chests in the shop. These new chests guarantee at least 1 Rare drop and 1 random Creepy Item, they cost 400 Battle Coins apiece.

And there’s more! New Creepy Items can be found in these chests, as we’ve added new Outfits, Weapons, and Poses. The following can now be obtained:

  • 3 new Legendary Creepy Outfits (Jumong, Poloma, and Varesh)
  • 6 new Epic Creepy Weapons (Alysia, Destiny, Jamila, Thorn, Ulric, and Zander)
  • 7 new Rare Creepy Poses (Jade, Jumong, Pearl, Poloma, Raigon, Rook, and Varesh)

Want a better chance at getting that Legendary Outfit but don’t have the Gems to spend? Quest for them instead! Two quests will be available during Tales of Horror for you to earn one Creepy Chests per quest. Each Quest will last one week.

  • The first quest will begin April 11th at 8:00 AM UTC and end April 18th at 8:00 AM UTC
  • The second quest will begin April 18th at 8:00 AM UTC and end April 25th at 8:00 AM UTC

Both quests will reward 1 Creepy Chest upon winning 35 Casual, League, or Duel rounds.

General Updates

  • Bakko’s Egg Brawl removed from matchmaking, with Duel returning
  • Spring Chicken Bundle is no longer available for purchase
  • Added support for Easter Egg brawl in Private Match
  • Fixed an issue where going back to the menus after a practice match would send you to the lobby view
  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Go to Chests” on notifications would not close Overlays correctly
  • Added possibility to unready before the match has been started in the pre-match lobby
  • Can now change font size used in the chat
  • Horror themed music will be played in the menus while Tales of Horror is active

Champion Updates

As the first qualifiers for the Battlerite Pro League (BPL) begin shortly after this patch, balance changes for this patch are generally just number tweaks and many changes are aimed at evening out power difference between popular and less popular rites. As we move forward, we will consider bigger changes to rite or even ability functionality while taking consideration of BPL dates.


  • Warlock’s Grip
    • Bonus range reduced from 25% to 20%

  • Tractor Pulse
    • Stun duration increased from 0.5s to 0.7s

With the last change to the Surprise Shot rite, Ambush garnered more attention and use. The amount of pressure Jade is able to exert with double Snipe is almost overbearing, so we are changing the cooldown reset to a cooldown reduction. With this change, Jade will still be able to Snipe, enter Stealth, and then begin casting another Snipe before Stealth runs out.

  • Ambush
    • Now reduces the cooldown of Snipe by 4s instead of resetting the cooldown

The Shadow Assassin has struggled a bit since her release. With some quality of life changes to her core kit, she will be able to more consistently pressure her enemies. Her damage rites see improvements across the board.

  • Shuriken (M2)
    • Cooldown reduced from 7s to 6s
  • Deadly Blow (R)
    • Cast time reduced from 0.8s to 0.7s
  • Deadly Star
    • Bonus damage increased from 2 to 3
  • Roundhouse Kick
    • Damage increased from 10 to 12
  • Blade Swirl
    • Damage increased from 8 to 10
  • Quick Strike
    • Damage increased from 16 to 20

Pearl has always been hard to pin down, but some of her ability to shut down pursuers is too powerful in 2v2.

  • Bubble Barrier (E)
    • Maximum movement reduction for enemies in the Bubble reduced from 60% to 50%
  • Rippling Waters
    • Bonus damage reduced from 5 to 3

Our favorite Prince in exile has been having somewhat of a difficult time in higher levels of play. These changes will help him make more of an impact when the opportunity arises.

  • Royal Descent
    • Bonus damage increased from 6 to 8
  • Riposte
    • Damage increased from 8 to 10

Tendon Swing has always been a very powerful tool in Shifu’s kit, but it’s overbearing in its current state. These changes allow it to remain as a CC tool, while also making it trickier to utilize for multiple targets.

  • Tendon Swing (R)
    • Damage reduced from 12 to 9
    • Angle reduced from 180 degrees to 150 degrees

Ulric, the fierce crusader of light, truly arrived with his hammer swinging in full force. For now, we want to keep his playstyle as intact as possible, while addressing some of the value he gains through his less interactive abilities. As always with new champions, we will continue to keep a close eye on his performance.

  • Sanctuary (EX Q)
    • Healing and shield value reduced from 20 to 18
  • Aegis of Valor (F)
    • Fixed an issue where the Aegis could deal double damage when reflected
  • Favor (Buff)
    • Bonus healing reduced from 25% to 20%
    • Duration increased from 5s to 5.5s
  • Cleave
    • Secondary damage reduced from full damage to 16 damage
  • Enchanted Weapon
    • Bonus damage increased from 2 to 3
  • Divine Protection
    • Damage reduction reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Initiation
    • Travel distance bonus increased from 33% to 40%
  • Light Speed
    • Movement speed bonus per stack increased from 15% to 20%

Zander continues to define the meta at top-level play through the sheer amount of utility he provides. We are toning down some of his utility, while keeping a watchful eye on this crafty illusionist for the future.

  • Spotlight (EX M2)
    • Max knockback distance reduced from 2.75 to 2.25
  • Mind Games (EX Space)
    • Damage reduced from 12 to 8
  • Portal (Q)
    • Cooldown increased from 11s to 12s
  • Arcane Catalyst (Debuff)
    • Duration reduced from 3s to 2.5s
  • Arcane Conductor
    • Duration bonus decreased from 1s to 0.5s

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