Do you have the photographer’s eye? Can you frame the perfect image or capture the moment the tides turn?

The Arena wants to see it!

Using only the tools in the Odeum, send us your best Battlerite screenshot to for your chance to be one of five winners receiving:

  • 2 Legendary Outfit Chests
    • Contains 3 random drops. Guarantees 1 non-duplicate Legendary Outfit. Owning all outfits results in duplicate outfits. Event, Sponsor, and third party Outfits are not available in this chest.
  • 1 Thunder Serpent Mount
  • 1 Battlerite Plushie (Croak or Toki)
  • Title of Art Warrior

You have until July 29th to send in your best screenshots, and can submit up to five total. Entries must include your Battlerite username. Winners will be announced on August 3rd.

We recommend using “Post a Play” within the Odeum, where you can use the advanced camera controls displayed to line up the perfect shot.

Best of luck, Champions! We can’t wait to see what you send in!

/The Stunlock Team

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