Hello Brawlers!

In previous Battlerite Royale updates we mentioned we were aiming for a July release. Since then, Battlerite Royale has had a huge response from the gaming community and as a result, we have taken another look at our Royale development and decided we want to push the experience a step further. This means that Battlerite Royale will not be released in July like we originally planned. We are not ready to share a new date yet, but we can tell you we are looking into releasing Battlerite Royale beta test invitations! More information about beta sign ups will be released at a later date.

We are taking this planned delay seriously in what this means for the potential of Royale. For example, we noticed that escapes and defensive mechanics were too strong in Royale compared to Arena and so we will rebalance Champions to create a fairer experience during this added time. Fine tuning Champions for Royale also allows us to create and balance a robust item system.


Another important aspect we are addressing is matchmaking. We are currently creating a tailored matchmaking and ranking system specifically for Royale; we think it will benefit from having unique rewards and cosmetics for players to earn and enjoy. The in-game HUD is also being customized to provide a better representation of abilities, items, and consumables. We’ve implemented a minimap before, but due to Royale having such a large map it is being expanded further to create a better and more applicable experience.

The list of things we are working on to push Battlerite Royale further goes on; tailoring the scoreboard, adding interactable map objects like jump pads, portals, and air drops, a complete remake of the network code to support 20 players, improving the menu, new sounds, music and much more. Some of these additions you may have seen on Reddit already, just remember that many things change in development and leaks are not representative of the final product.

We believe that a more polished experience than we were originally planning, without compromising Arena, is the best choice for Battlerite, but we still want to get Royale out as soon as we can. So, watch this space! More news about Royale, an estimated release, beta testing and more will be announced as soon as we possibly can. Right now, this is our biggest priority alongside our global Battlerite releases in China and Korea.

Thank you for your patience, support and excitement, we are having a great time developing Royale and cannot wait to share the experience with you.

/ Ilves, Game Director

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