Hotfix was rolled out on Thursday, June 28th. It contained small fixes to bugs and other gameplay issues.

UPDATE: The end of Season 3 has changed from July 17th to July 30th to better align with new regions we are heading into.

General Updates

  • Fixed an issue where score for amplified healing, amplified damage, reduced healing and reduced damage would not track correctly when the the spell target wasn’t the casting player.
  • Fix for Tourok not playing VO correctly during matches.
  • Tutorial Fix for Jumong VO not playing correctly during the match.
  • Dealing damage to the Center Orb now gives score.


  • League icon placement in the lobby was off-center, this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the equip button for chest items would sometimes be non-interactable
  • It is now possible to click mounts in the lobby to instantly go to the mount customize view
  • Fixed a bug where the free to play indicator would be shown when selecting a champion in the lobby, even though all champions were owned
  • Increased size of description text in gems bundle popup
  • Fixed an issue where viewing a players profile from their odeum profile made the back button faulty

Champion Updates


  • Mega Sphere (R)
    • Fixed an issue where the snare would not be properly applied when destroyed by Charged Bolt or on its own, and where the root from the Expansion Pack rite would not either.
  • Plasma Booster (E)
    • Fixed an issue where the shield gained through entering Plasma Wall would overwrite any shield gained through Transform Weapon.
    • Fixed an issue where Plasma Booster would automatically apply new shields to Destiny.

  • Quick Strike (Space)
    • Lesser Phantom Cut damage reduced from 16 to 14
    • Initial damage reduced from 10 to 8
    • Recast duration reduced from 2.5s to 2s
    • Recast no longer granted when the incapacitating jump (including EX Space) is countered or negated

  • Sands of Time (M1)
    • Fixed an issue where Sands of Time would pass through Ice Crown

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