Salutations Vampires!


Big changes are coming to Vardoran, as you might well know, and like any villainous strategist, we’re changing our approach to match.



The State of Official Servers


In the past, our official realms were created on demand for numbers of hungry vampires we did not initially expect. We felt it would be poor etiquette to stop supporting these servers after we’d made no indication that they would be taken down, so we kept them alive as long as we could in the interest of those who called those servers home.


Things have changed since then. With the server resets required for Gloomrot, we have the opportunity to be more flexible! We’ve created reset mechanics and examined their usefulness on experimental servers. We intend to act on our findings and the stated desires of many of our fanged brethren.


From now on, all servers will be on a reset schedule. For PvE realms, these will be more extended, by default, set to 6 months. PvP servers, which tend to be more ephemeral, will be set on 3-month and 1-month scheduled wipes.



Why do this?


Most importantly, it creates a space in the game client that makes it clear to players that resets are inevitable in this Early Access state of the game. This will help avoid miscommunication in the future. Also, it will allow us to be much more flexible with the number of servers we keep up and prevent flooding the search list when players are initially looking for a server to play on. The server list will be much easier to navigate, and players will be more easily encouraged to join populated servers and not spread themselves out by mistake.


In addition to making the number of servers more flexible, this also lets us be more flexible with our game settings and try more experimental ideas. More on that just a bit further down.


We view our official realms as a place for fledgling Vampires to gain their initial footing before venturing out to find their own perfect experience in private realms with settings tailored to their wants. However, we’ve seen that this is not always the case, and some enjoy the safety of the nest. For that reason, we’ll be offering a small number of more niche servers on shorter reset schedules to see how they do.


New Server Types


We’ll be offering a larger variety of PvP servers to try out new settings and serve some expressed interests we’ve gathered from your feedback. Not all of these servers will be available in all regions due to hardware limitations, but in the most populated ones, we will be making available:


  • PvE Cooperative – 6-Month Reset
  • PvP Squad – Weekend Raids – 3-Month Reset
  • PvP Squad – Weekend Raids – 1-Month Reset
  • PvP Squad – Daily Raids – 1-Month Reset
  • PvP Squad – No Raids – 1-Month Reset
  • PvP Duo – Weekend Raids – 3-Month Reset
  • PvP Duo – Weekend Raids – 1-Month Reset
  • PvP Duo – Daily Raids – 1-Month Reset
  • PvP Duo – No Raids – 1-Month Reset
  • Merciless PvP Squad – Daily Raids – 1-Month Reset
  • Merciless PvP Duo – Daily Raids – 1-Month Reset


In addition, we’ll be reducing raid times on all official realms from 18:00-22:00 to 20:00-22:00 local time. One of the major complaints we’ve gleaned about our public PvP settings is that they’re extremely difficult to find the time to participate in, which leads to a lot of unavoidable offline raiding. We’re interested to see if any of these new settings make defense a bit more feasible, or at least the hope of defense.


As always, we value your feedback and thoughts on these new settings and will keep our eyes and ears open, if we need to make further changes down the road. We’re still in Early Access and want to use this time wisely to find the best solutions for a greater experience.


Our most heartfelt thanks to all of you who have joined us on this journey so far, and we look forward to taking you into the future. We’ll be keeping an ear out, and look forward to all your continued feedback and support.


See you in Secrets of Gloomrot!


V Rising Early Access is available now on Steam!

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Lots of love and a pint of blood,


/The Marketing Team

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