Frozen Mists

The age of the dinosaurs has passed and the icy bite of winter is making its way across the world – the Frozen Mists are closing in, and with them come fantastical new chests!

Complete quests from now until January 9 to claim winter rewards – win 40 Casual, League, or Duel matches to claim the Arctic Deathstalker, and win 20 rounds in Duel to claim an Arctic Chest!

During Frozen Mists you can earn Ice Chests  by leveling up your account. These chests can also be purchased directly in the shop with Battle Coins, where they’ve temporarily replaced Silver Chests. These Chests guarantee at least one Rare drop and one random Frozen Item – like a Silver Chest with a frosty touch!

If you want a higher change at glittering ice treasures, the Arctic Chest can be purchases for Gems. This frigid chest will guarantee one non-duplicate Epic or Legendary Frozen Item and can be purchased for 250 Gems, or you could purchase 5 at a time for 1250 Gems and receive a bonus Arctic Chest for free! If you’re really, really into Frozen items, you can purchase 20 for 5000 Gems and receive 7 bonus Arctic Chest for free!

Within these chests you can find:

  • 4 new Legendary Outfits for a total of 6
  • 5 new Frozen Weapons for a total of 24
  • 24 new Rare poses
  • 1 new Legendary Mount for a total of 3
  • 10 new Avatars for a total of 20

Additionally, the following items have been given quality updates:

  • Poloma Legendary Outfit “Arctic Cloak”
  • Ezmo Legendary Outfit “The Grinch”
  • Legendary Mount “Arctic Bear”
  • Legendary Mount “The Winter Gift”
  • Arctic Hammers (Freya Weapon)
  • Chilling Reaper (Ruh Kaan Weapon)

Like previous events, you can directly purchase Frozen items with tokens at twice the standard cost.

General Updates

  • Name filters
    • When naming your account, team, or Odeum plays, the language will be checked against a list of inappropriate words which are prohibited from being used
  • Account level 10 is now required before playing in League
  • Casual, League, and Duel are now locked until a player has played the first tutorial mission
  • Corrected erroneous minimum duration numbers on tooltips for movement abilities

We’ve also deployed two changes that will potentially fix some issues:

  • Potentially fixed pause abuse, where a player could continuously disconnect and reconnect to reset pause timer
  • Potentially fixed an issue where players were given a rating penalty when unable to load into a match
Name Changes
  • You can now change your player name at the cost of 750 Gems.
    • During Early Access it was not made clear whether or not account names would become permanent. There were also fewer characters supported during that time which have since become available. Because of this, all players who own Early Access or Lite accounts have received one free name change.
  • When opening a chest, the category item is now displayed next to all applicable items
  • Fixed a stuttering transition when opening a chest
  • Equip button is no longer visible when the selected item equipped
  • Now correctly pre-selects equipped or owned color variation when clicking on an item in the customization screen
  • Steam Notification location moved to top right
  • The “Go to Chests” notification should now correctly take you to the chests screen when clicking the button
  • Added currency icon in quests and achievements description to improve clarity on type of reward
  • Added winter theme music to the menus
Brawl Rotation – Duel Mode

We’ve gathered a lot of data and feedback regarding Battlegrounds during the current Beta state. The team has a good idea of where they want to take Battlegrounds next, as we continue to work on secondary modes we are rotating out Battlegrounds and replacing it with a temporary brawl – The 1v1 Duel Mode. Battlegrounds is still available in Private Match.

  • Challenge your skills and learn new Champions in a 1v1 Duel!
    • Random Champion – Play as a random Champion each round.
    • Best of 3 – Win 2 rounds to be victorious
    • Sudden Death Vortex – The Death Vortex timer is reduced
  • You will not receive Champion XP and you cannot progress Daily Quests in this mode. Due to current technical limitations, Champions will have default cosmetics equipped.

New Champion – Alysia, the Ice Weaver

From the frozen north comes the ice sculptor Alysia. Her power allows her to wield ice with both grace and deadly precision. She can damage and freeze her enemies from a distance, while shielding her allies with ice. Obsessed with shapes and form, she left her icy fortress of solitude to seek inspiration in the arena.


Frost Bolt (M1)

Launch a cold bolt that deals 15 damage. Deals 2 bonus damage and adds Chill duration to enemies affected by Chill.

Ice Lance (M2)

Projectile attack that deals 22 damage and inflicts Chill. Deals 6 bonus damage to enemies already affected by Chill.

Arctic Wind (Space)

Soar gracefully to target location.

Glacial Prism (Q)

Shield a target ally. Glacial Prism absorbs up to 24 damage for 1.4s. When it breaks, it explodes to inflict Chill on nearby enemies.

Flash Freeze (E)

Call down a frozen star at target location. After a 0.9s delay, it deals 15 damage and inflicts Chill to enemies in the area. Inflicts Freeze to enemies already affected by Chill.

Ice Crown (R)

Launch a fragile sculpture that knocks enemies back and blocks enemy attacks for 1.5s. When it breaks, it launches a cone of icicles that deals 20 damage and inflicts Chill.

Frozen Gallery (F)

Mark a path of frost in front of you. After a 0.9s delay, the patch deals 35 damage and inflicts Freeze to enemies hit, turning them into beautiful statues.

Ice Block (EX Q)

Freeze target ally for 3.5s, making them immune to disables and blocking up to 40 damage. Ally cannot move or use abilities while frozen and heal for 30. Knocks back enemies and inflicts Chill when it expires.

Snow Cone (EX E)

Channel a cone of snow that deals 24 damage and inflicts Chill over 0.9s. Inflicts Freeze when you hit a Chilled target.

Chill (Debuff)

Target moves up to 20% slower, scaling up with remaining duration. Max duration of 4s.

Freeze (Debuff)

Target gains a shield that absorbs up to 20 damage. Target is immune to Chill and is unable to move or use abilities for 3s. This effect breaks when the shield breaks.

 Battlerite Type Description Keybind Ability
Frozen Muse Control Whenever you inflict Freeze, your Frost Bolts are empowered for 3s. They deal 4 bonus damage and inflict Chill even on targets without Chill. M1 Frost Bolt
Frigid Lance Control Ice Lance Chill duration increased by 1s and explodes on impact or reaching max range, inflicting Chill for 2s on nearby enemies. M2 Ice Lance
Ice Breaker Offense Ice Lance deals 3 bonus damage and breaks Freeze before dealing damage. M2 Ice Lance
Piercing Cold Offense Ice Lance pierces through enemies and range increases by 10%. Deals 30% reduced damage after each pierce. M2 Ice Lance
Frost Nova Control Arctic Wind blasts nearby enemies with a frost nova as you leap, inflicting Chill for 1.6s. Space Arctic Wind
Twirl Mobility Recast Arctic Wind to perform a short leap. Space Arctic Wind
Figure Skating Mobility Glacial Prism grants the target a 60% Fading Haste for 1.4s. Q Glacial Prism
Wintry Blast Offense Glacial Prism deals 10 damage to nearby enemies when it explodes. Q Glacial Prism
Crystalline Lattice Support Glacial Prism absorbs up to 12 more damage and its explosion range reaches 20% further. Q Glacial Prism
Snowstorm Offense Flash Freeze leaves a snowstorm on impact, dealing 15 damage and inflicting Chill over 2.5s. The damage affects targets with Freeze directly. E Flash Freeze
Blizzard Utility The radius of Flash Freeze is increased by 20% and cooldown is reduced by 1s. E Flash Freeze
Arctic Cloak Survival Hitting yourself with Flash Freeze grants you a Lesser Glacial Prism. E Flash Freeze
Vandalism Offense You can break your own Ice Crown instantly with a single Frost Bolt, consuming it in the process to launch the cone of icicles. R Ice Crown
Permafrost Control Frozen Gallery inflicts Chill for 4s to all enemies in the area after cast and Freeze is increased from 3s to 4s. F Frozen Gallery
Agility Mobility Increases movement speed by 10%. Perk
Inspiration Utility Increases your maximum energy by 25% and energy gained from abilities increased by 10%. Perk
  • Alysia can be purchased in game for 900 Gems/5800 Battle Coins.
  • Using Gems to unlock Alysia before January 10th will also grant 3x Alysia Chests
Alysia Bundle
  • Ownership of Alysia is required to purchase this bundle
  • Can be purchased only once for 950 Gems
  • Contains:
    • Alysia Legendary Outfit
    • 3 Alysia Chests
    • 2 Arctic Chests
Alysia Chest
  • Ownership of Alysia is required to purchase this chest.
  • Contains 3 random drops. Guarantees at least one non-duplicate Rare, Epic, or Legendary Alysia item and one Rare normal item.
  • Available in two bundles:
    • 1 Alysia Chest for 150 Gems
    • 5 Alysia Chests + 1 Free Bonus Alysia Chest for 750 Gems

Balance Changes


Ashka’s Molten Fist now works like most defensive abilities and can be used to interrupt your own cast times or immediately after using another ability. Some of the power in his rites are being moved around to encourage players to explore different options.

  • Molten Fist (E)
    • Can now interrupt post-cast
  • Burning Feet
    • Haste bonus reduced from 40% to 30%
  • Inferno
    • Damage bonus increased from 8 to 10
  • Magma
    • Damage bonus decreased from 4 to 3

  • Shield Dash (E)
    • Fixed a bug where a target would still count as “controlled” for the full duration of the Shield Dash after it ending due to hitting a wall.

Croak’s Severe Toxin hampers enemy movement while giving incredible sustain. We’ve split the power over his two Toxin empowering rites, leaving Mending Toxin with only the increased health restoration. Lethal Toxins loses its direct damage component, but now snares enemies to give greater followups. 

  • Mending Toxin (formerly Severe Toxin)
    • No longer snares
  • Lethal Toxin
    • No longer increases Toxic Muck impact damage
    • Now adds a 12% snare to Toxin
  • Jungle Toad
    • Healing amount reduced from 14 to 12
  • Frog Slice
    • Weaken duration increased from 2.5s to 3.5s

Destiny’s Charged Bolt had a bug with its silence duration after interrupting an enemy’s ability with spellblock. The duration has now been changed to 0.7s, and can be increased to 1.4s with the System Shock battlerite. Her Power Attachment battlerite offers a bit too much firepower on the top end, so it has been scaled down. 

  • Charged Bolt (M2)
    • Silence duration after spellblock trigger increased from 0.5s to 0.7s
  • System Shock
    • Silence duration bonus decreased from 1s to 0.7s
  • Power Attatchment
    • Damage bonus reduced from 2-8 to 2-6

Freya has many shields and dodges in her kit, making it feel hopeless to land real damage on her. Thunderclap’s cooldown has been slightly increased to decrease the frequency of her airtime while also scaling down the power of her Thunderclap battlerites. Hammer Time cooldown reduction for Thunderclap has been increased substantially for players that still want to have plenty of defense. 

  • Thunderclap (E)
    • Cooldown increased from 7s to 8s
  • Lightning Rod
    • Shield amount reduced from 12 to 10
  • Hammer Time
    • Cooldown reduction increased from 2.5s to 4s
  • Thundering Spring
    • Tooltip now says it gives haste duration +1s
    • EX compatible now
  • Thunderbolt
    • Bonus damage increased from 6 to 8

  • Spinning Boomerang (EX M2)
    • No longer triggers counters on the return trip

The No Escape battlerite player out a little too true to its name. Thorn players were able to burrow in to find an opening, use their ultimate, and gain an immediate burrow to extend their invulnerable period. Soon after, they would have their regular burrow available again. This change reduces the efficacy of this type of play.

  • No Escape
    • Now gives a Lesser Burrow with duration decreased from 1.75s to 1.25s

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