Hold onto your triceratops, because we’re taking a trip – back in time!

Oldur has been messing with time a bit, and Chests containing ancient artifacts and dinosaurs are now popping up in the Arena.

From now until December 12th complete quests to claim mighty mounts. Play 25 Casual, League, or Battlegrounds matches to claim the Peaceful Triceratops, and 65 matches for the Enraged Triceratops.

Earn Prehistoric Chests by leveling up your account, or purchase them directly with battle coins in the Shop, where they’re temporarily replacing Silver Chests. They guarantee at least one Rare drop and one random Prehistoric Item – similar to a Silver Chest but with a dino-y extra!

If you want a higher chance at digging up nice loot, the Ancient Chest is now available for Gems. These relics will guarantee one non-duplicate Epic or Legendary Prehistoric Item. Ancient Chests can be purchased for 250 Gems, or you can purchase five at a time for 1250 Gems and receive a bonus one for free!

A plethora of brand new Prehistoric items are available to loot inside these primitive chests:

  • 6 Legendary outfits
  • 10 Epic weapons
  • 10 Rare poses
  • 3 Epic mounts
  • 1 Legendary mount
  • 20 avatars

Like the Halloween event, you can directly purchase Prehistoric items with tokens at twice the standard cost.

General Updates

  • Friends
    • You can now favorite friends. Favoriting friends sorts them to the top of your friendslist!
    • Added an add friend button in the scoreboard
  • Social event notifications
    • Your friends will now see when:
      • You have received a non-duplicate Legendary item from a chest
      • You have reached level 10/20 on a Champion
      • You have reached account level 25/50/75… (levels divisible by 25)
      • You have reached a new League
      • You have posted an Odeum play
    • Options for social event notifications can be found in the Options menu under General / Chat and include:
      • Option to disable your notifications so that your friends will not see them
      • Options for friend notifications can be set to disabled, all friends, or favorites only
  • Fixed a bug where quest progress notifications weren’t shown
  • Health Shards now show up correctly in the “Death Recap” list

Added a developer API that provides data to players, enabling the possibility to create custom tools for Battlerite.

Documentation can be found at: https://developer.battlerite.com/

Champion Updates


Twin Strikes has long been a frequently picked rite that adds more burst potential to Croak’s Leap rotations. We are smoothing that damage out over a longer period of time to increase his vulnerability while he stays on the ground, while keeping its total damage and not affecting his Orb control. Precision Leap receives another tweak to reduce its power while still giving Croak players who want more control of their mobility an option to take the rite.

  • Precision Leap
    • Minimum range reduction decreased from 20% to 15%
  • Triple Strike (formerly Twin Strike)
    • Now adds 2 damage for the next 3 hits, instead of 3 damage for the next 2 hits

  • Plasma Wall (E)
    • Fixed a bug that caused targets that turned immaterial or used escapes with i-frames while in the wall to trigger Snare
    • A target can now be Snared multiple times by leaving and then re-entering the wall’
    • Fixed an issue where Plasma Wall would not be visible in the elevator
  • Mega Sphere (R)
    • Now travels through Fire Wall and Dead Roots without being destroyed

Freya’s Twin Hammers cause her opponents to always live in fear of getting Incapacitated as long as they have Static. We are toning back this playstyle along with the power of her Thunderclap rites while giving her more damage options in Lightning Speed and Positive Charge.

  • Twin Hammers
    • Cooldown increased from 0.5s to 1s
  • Lightning Speed
    • Fixed a bug that caused this rite to only give 10% attack speed bonus, instead of the full 30%
  • Lightning Rod
    • Shield amount decreased from 15 to 12
  • Rolling Thunder
    • Leap distance decreased from 2.25 to 2
  • Positive Charge
    • Damage output increased from 10% to 15%

Iva has been prevalent in defensive compositions but is struggling to find good openings for damage. This tweak to Tazer will give her more opportunities to open up enemies while offering counterplay.

  • Tazer (E)
    • Cooldown decreased from 8s to 7s

  • Roll (R)
    • Now interrupts post cast like most defensive abilities

  • Time Bender (Q)
    • Now interrupts post cast like most defensive abilities

Taya has high-damage potential and significant haste uptime at the top level. We feel the haste is integral to Taya’s playstyle and a core part of her kit, so instead we are addressing the power of her X-Strike first. For players that want to preserve the power of X-Strike, the damage has been moved to the Cross Cut battlerite.

  • X-Strike (M2)
    • Each boomerang has its damage decreased from 14 to 12
  • Surprise Attack
    • Movement speed ratio decreased from 70% to 60%
  • Cross Cut
    • Damage bonus up from 2 to 4 per boomerang
  • Vortex
    • Radius increased from 1.8 to 2.2, to match Wind Bomb impact radius

Thorn has strong, safe pokes at long range that allow him to find punishing openings for minimal risk. These changes target the max range of his projectiles, and reduce his energy gain when engaging at long range.

  • Leeching Thorns (M2)
    • Energy gain reduced from 6% to 5%
    • Range decreased from 9.5 to 9
  • Entangling Roots (E)
    • Range decreased from 10 to 9

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