Hey everyone! 


My name is Jeremy Fielding. You may already know me as Jeremy Bearson, and I’m the new Community Manager for Stunlock Studios and V Rising.


I’m a person who lives for games. I love playing them, I love theorizing about them, I love their lore, and I love making them. From getting brutally beaten in whatever fighting game my friends are playing this week, to beautiful little single player experiences like Hollow Knight, all the way down to my weekly D&D game I have always found time in my life for games.


Which is kind of how I ended up here! I’ve been following Stunlock for a while, so it might not be such a surprise to see me here. I’ve run Battlerite tournaments with RIVAL, moderated Battlerite streams, and most recently I ran the Official Battlerite Discord. I’m no stranger to the little pointy blue swirl, and my time with that game has made me a lot of friends that I don’t plan to ever let go.


Now I get to do it again.


I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to get started, and there’s just so much to get started on! I get to meet all of you! Whenever there’s good news, juicy updates, or hiccups and bats caught in the servers, I’ll be there to talk it out with you guys and treat you with the respect you deserve as passionate people and fans of our games. I get to answer all the questions that I can, expand on the specifics when it’s possible, and just bask in the excitement. It’s my mission to make sure not only that you guys understand where we’re coming from when we’re making decisions but to make sure the developers know how you feel and what you want.


This brings us to right now. V Rising is a project I’m overjoyed to get to be a part of, and I’m looking forward to taking this journey with all of you. Together with the marketing team, I will also do my very best to make sure V Rising gets the exposure and glory it deserves. Expect to be hearing from me again soon, and feel free to drop by the discord to say hello! I’ll welcome you, you’ll welcome me, it’ll be a whole thing.


Reminding you to be positive like the blood type and blood is a thing that vampires drink.


– Jeremy

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