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Interview with the Vampire Marketing Director

Hello everyone! 

Ruth here, reporting from Stunlock Studios HQ. In this Dev Blog, I collected more questions from the community and talked to Stunlock Studios’ Marketing Director, Johan Ilves. You will find some of your questions answered, so read ahead! If we didn’t answer your particular question, worry not! We might reveal the information you were looking for in future dev updates. Please keep in mind that the game is still in development, and everything is subject to change.  

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As we mentioned back in January, there’s a Big Patch™ that’s going to be coming alongside Battlerite Royale going Free-to-Play on February 19th. And the big changes aren’t just going to be for Talon Island, the Arena is getting an overhaul too! This Patch is so big that we wanted to go over some of it before the patch notes come out, so without further ado we present: Stuff in the Big Patch™.

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